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We, at Fat Bike Vermont, are a group of devout bicycle enthusiasts who just want to share our passion with all who are willing to try it out. We love all things bicycle, our tight-knit community, and above all, this wonderful land that is Vermont! Hop on a Fat Bike and experience all of the beauty that Vermont has to offer! Cruise on mellow, groomed cross-country ski trails, or challenge yourself on some tight, twisty single track – the choice is yours. Top of your awesome new experience by kicking-back and enjoying a beer at one of our great local breweries, or grabbing a bite at one of the many eateries located on the Killington access road. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a blast!
Our current fleet is comprised of brand new Felt and KHS 4 season Fat Bikes. These are the latest designs, and feature:

- Slack head angles (easy to ride; great handling in all conditions)

- Hydro formed tubes (enhanced stand-over clearance)

- Flat pedals (accommodates all types of footwear

- 10-speed dual chain ring gearing (offering a wide array of gears to accommodate all terrain)

- Disc brakes (enhanced stopping power)

The bikes are also equipped with the latest in snow tire technology for confidence-inspiring grip, and with a set of Bar Mitts for chilly days

Fat biking in Killington

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