State of the art fat bike equipment

Here at Fat Bike Vermont, we ensure that our rentals are always the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. The geometry of our Fat Bikes resembles that of most modern mountain bikes allowing for swift and easy handling, and a platform that excels at both climbing and descending. Each bike is outfitted with the latest tire technology, specifically designed for snow. The width of these tires makes for a stable and comfortable ride, and even retain traction through snowy turns! Our master mechanic ensures that each bike is subject to a strict and meticulous maintenance schedule, and that they feature only quality components.

Additionally, each of our rental bikes comes equipped with a winter helmet and a set of Bar Mitts (to keep those hands warm!) at no additional cost.

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Relax. It’s just a bike, and although it looks big and burly, it feels like a regular bike. It’s not as nimble as your average mountain bike, but there’s nothing about a fat bike that should intimidate you if you know how to ride a bicycle.

Dress for exertion, so lighter layers than you would normally wear for cold weather, and breathable fabrics so you don’t get damp from sweat. Remember to factor in the wind chill when you’re going downhil

A higher gear works better to plow through soft snow. You’re more likely to break traction in a lower gear, but you don’t want to burn yourself out in a higher gear. Find a compromise.

For your first time, go with flat pedals and warm shoes or boots. As you become more comfortable on the bike, you might switch to clip-in shoes and pedals.